Toshiba to return to Tokyo Stock Exchange’s top category


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Toshiba was once the crown jewel of Japanese electronics industry. It was completely ruined by the American forced scaling down in 1980s and the subsequent trick of buying-bankrupting Westing House by Americans again. Now, it’s a rotten corpse being used by foreign investors to make more money in the imaginary markets called stocks.

This will be the coming fate of many Japanese giants and Keiretsus in the post-Pandemic world. The Western vultures and Chinese predators are coming soon.

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"The company has said the return could help lure buying from investors in stock indexes." People who buy indix funds don't buy them because of the miniscule percentage of individual shares they contain, the bey them on the basis of projected performance of the index as a whole. The reason for buying them is to ameliorate risk, not get shares of a certain company. And indexes are not actively managed, so fund managees are not going to be buying Toshiba for a portfolio - they are audtomatically rebalanced by software once the underlying index changes, to reflect those changes.

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liabilities to exceed assets - a condition for automatic demotion

The BOJ will be in this situation with its JGB holdings should interest rates rise much more than 50 basis points.

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