Cancel your weekends: Bitcoin doesn't rest, and neither can you

By Tom Wilson and Anna Irrera

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Glad to see that it has reached $30000 per coin.

In 1998 it was zero.

No one thought about it and did not buy that.

Here is another big wave. First social network cryptocurrency.

Join now as you would have joined in 1998. Nothing to pay.

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Speculation at its finest.

Knowing a guy has to manually execute deals with no net shows how ridiculous confidence is given to this currency.

Would you accept in a normal life be paid in a currency that can drop in value by 10% a day (or more), because that is the real deal.

So far it seems good deal because it appeals to speculators so trend is bull. By definition a currency that is not stable enough is for speculation.

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But during bitcoin's latest rally - it jumped over five-fold since the start of last year to hit a record $42,000 last week - large U.S. investors have been more central in dictating price moves.

And now it is 33,000 US.

I sold mine for a 75% profit.

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And now all the blind sheeps go out to spend all their money on that dirty tricky bubble, when it bursts again it will be too late.. BUBBLE, BUBBLE, BUBBLE !!..

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Bitcoin is a seriously bad investment.

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