Asian shares track Wall St rally on hopes for stimulus


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Capitalist stock market is showing it's true colours.

Profits inflated based on the prospect of government giving handouts to corporations.

So tax payers money goes to government goes to corporations goes to financial bankers and CEOs.

Great system!

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@ifd66 - Precisely. Unfortunately this has created probably the greatest market bubble in history. It is going to be a shock to many when this pops.

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Stop following America. Please see real situation in Asia.

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At first, it was because of the first stimulus, then the vaccine, now the stimulus again.

I just feel sorry for all that nurses and doctors who have to work all day long and by the end of this pandemic, their money will be worthless! Conffeti!

Take me to the moon!

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"...their money will be worthless!"

Why is that? Ive always done very well financially earning yen, both in times when there's massive stimulus and when there isn't.

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And Japan is up another 600+ points today on the confirmation that Trump will NOT retain the presidency through illegal,dictatorial means,despite his nutter cultists trying otherwise.

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Tokyo-EngrJan. 7 07:56 pm JST

@ifd66 - Precisely. Unfortunately this has created probably the greatest market bubble in history. It is going to be a shock to many when this pops.

Then be prepared. Markets always come back, often with a vengeance.   Just look at what the US stock market did since April, 2020. It has come back completely, and more. Be wise, dollar cost average, as this is a good way to invest. Have extra cash ready for when the crash does come.  You can buy shares of companies very cheap and reap the rewards. It is not rocket science.  Warren Buffet once said, “Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful”. This simply means when you think there is a bubble based on share prices relative to earnings and other factors, then be fearful and build up that cash reserve. Then when the s--- hits the fan, jump into the market with the cash reserve. You can’t say it did not work for him. After all, he has “only” amassed over 60 billion (that is with a B) dollars. By the way, he has declared he will donate the majority of that to the Bill Gates Foundation for the betterment of the people of the world. That is one heck of a nice guy

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