Australian regulator moves to block Qantas-JAL deal


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Both companies were planning a duopoly that would only benefit them and squeeze out the competition.

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Good call made for passengers.

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I’ve travelled regularly between Australia and Japan with both airlines and most of the time the airfare was pretty much the same .

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Australia is a rich country mostly in commodities resources.

Not many companies ready for competition.

It's a kind of Saudi Arabia in Oceania, but using its resources in a wiser manner, high class education and high class work-life balance.

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Alex, we must get our airfares from different sources, because l have never seen Qantas fares to Japan as cheap as JAL. Unless you’re talking about Jetstar?

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One of the things that always amazed me about Australia was, at least in the 1990s, that it was less expensive to fly from Australia to many distant foreign destinations than to fly a shorter domestic route on a highly regulated Australian air carrier. Australian air lines in general are high cost. Nice service but not sure it is that much nicer to justify the higher prices they charge.

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Desert Tortoise,

Exactly right, especially when it comes to Qantas. Although I wouldn’t rate Qantas service as highly as JAL service.

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So the 33.3% ownership with both Qantas and JAL have with Jetstar Japan and the 49% Qantas has with Jetstar Asia is OK?



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