Japan Airlines reports ¥286.7 bil loss


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Since the bankrupt in 2010 and the government support, it seems JAL experienced drastically a cost cut and also maybe a rational business.

I wish it recovers from pandemic as early as possible and become one of the world top airline companies

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Amakudari is a blessed angle.

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No prize for guessing where an exorbitant amount of tax payer money is going.

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Maybe lower your fees, then people would use your company.

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Maybe lower your fees, then people would use your company.

JAL made a big chunk of their revenue with international travel.

Now that it is virtually imposible to travel without getting treated as a criminal, and the fact that anyone who isn't a resident or a national cannot get into the country, is pretty obvious that their fees have absolutely nothing to do with these numbers.

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All Airlines are loosing bigtime.

Convert your fleet to Cargo , Develop inbound/outbound leading edge quarantine facilities and take on the likes of DHL, etc

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Even Singapore airlines is making a loss, what are you groaning about???

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