Keeping it real: Appraisers sift China second-hand luxury market for fakes


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Microchips have been inserted in the sole of women's shoes made by Italian brand Salvatore Ferragamo, while Burberry has experimented with Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFiD) in its goods -- a technology that uses radio waves to identify a tagged object.

Soon, China will counterfeit it too.

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It's easy to find the counterfeits. They're on sale at Chinese Duty Free shops, and at Yahoo, eBay and amazon.

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**His school has even attracted former counterfeiters as students, he added, many wanting to build on existing skills but shift to less disreputable work. **I guess Zhang doesn't understand that some of these former counterfeiters who are students are only their to learn the trade to make the counterfeit goods more convincing. This should be the real reason why Zhang should be unconcerned about the threat to his analogue line of work some of his students could very well be using the methods he is teaching them to make their products that much better.

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Going to school to make better counterfeit products!

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