Philip Morris to phase out cigarettes in Japan within decade


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Isn't Japan Tobacco the one who needs to stop pushing cigs?

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Isn't Japan Tobacco the one who needs to stop pushing cigs?


Japan's government earns billions of dollars annually in cigarette tax revenue, and owns a one-third stake in Japan Tobacco, the world's third largest tobacco company.

money first people, who? Would be the government answer to that.

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I see more people "smoking" e-gis these days.. sometimes it's hard to tell which is worse - at least the butts aren't left lying around.

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We've all had to spend a lifetime breathing in the poisonous smoke from these coffin nails with no or little protection of governments which will lock you up in a jiffy for a flake of weed! Try explaining such a contradiction to children!

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I would guess they are targeting Japan because everywhere else is already regulating heated tobacco products near as much as straightforward smoking. Just ban the filthy stuff.

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e cigarettes salesman are sometimes standing at conbinis or other places promoting the product. This should not be allowed.

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What is going to fill the tax hole? We already have high taxation, a tohoku rebuild tax, covid inheritance tax etc.

There are rumors they will allow gambling on baseball and football to plug some of the current shortfall.

As a smoker who tried e-cigarettes i can say they are probably worse. My health immediately deteriorated and developed asthma with the ploom tech brand.

Overall probably a good thing to wind up tobacco sales.

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They will continue to target the developing world and kill millions.. all perfectly legally.

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"We want Japan to be the first market" for the phase-out, newly appointed CEO Jacek Olczak told the Nikkei in an interview published in Japanese on Friday.

The company "will realize a smoke-free society in Japan within 10 years", he said.

How will the company do that when the heavily government invested JT actually controls the market? More meaningless corporate-speak. The government has even worked in concert with JT to limit the popularity of vaping, which is booming in the West, by regulating that vaping liquids containing any nicotine are controlled substances.

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replace them with alternatives that it says are less harmful

So they admit to mass murder?

Isn't Japan Tobacco the one who needs to stop pushing cigs?

JT and IJT are in the top five companies in japan with connections to Japanese government. I think the government uses some taxpayers money for this company?

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Wow some people still have that dirty habit? As an ex smoker, it was a combination of things that got me to stop completely. Price hike, less and less places available to smoke, doctors and dentists would always ask if you were a smoker, then tell you nicely it's time to stop, smokers I knew were stopping, those horrible messages on the cig box, TV inundated with lung cancer /cig company hiding fact progs, unable to run a mile, it became uncool to be a smoker. What I'm saying is, it's an addiction and everyone has to do their bit to help smokers stop.

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Great news. Would be better if they could do it in one year rather than ten.

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The Japanese Government is so slow on this issue that the Cigarette companies are now taking the lead!

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They should be sued for billions and the execs jailed for deliberately promoting and selling a product they have known for decades to be poisonous and even deadly to humans health.

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Smoking in the street is banned in many places under local regulations that impose hefty fines on violators.

Could have fooled me.

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"conventional cigarettes"

Aka they make more money selling the e-cigs

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Will not happen. Unless it becomes commercially insignificant. Personally i do not smoke cigarettes nor e things. But i do think it is mad to think that inhaling chemicals instead of tobacco smoke is healthier. I would think the opposite.

Going to have a Havana this afternoon. At my terrace. With a single malt. One of the few pleasures left in an ever more sad world.

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But i do think it is mad to think that inhaling chemicals instead of tobacco smoke is healthier. 

Have you seen how many chemicals there are in cigarettes? The thing that surprised me the most is that there is a kind of gunpowder in the paper to keep them burning! How on earth can that do you anything but harm?!

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"Philip Morris to phase out cigarettes in Japan within decade by replacing them with a more expensive alternative route to lung cancer"

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Big puffing deal!

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Why is it taking them ten years instead of five? Do they have contracts with wholesalers (aka the Japanese government) or a stockpile of ten-years worth of cigarettes?

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Sure, they must have found another profitable and easy to manipulate market.

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Philip Morris must figure that their new product will be more profitable than regular cigarettes. The cost for a single drag off the new product will be higher than the cost of an entire cigarette, and formulated to be even more addicting.

There are very few businesses as sleazy as big tobacco, and for a government to own a business that sickens and kills its own citizens is utterly appalling.

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The company "will realize a smoke-free society in Japan within 10 years", he said.

Its not up to them. Unfortunately. I would love to see that, but I'm not putting my money on it.

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