Tokyo stocks close down on first trading day of year


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Uppss, crash is coming...

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The crash can be expected when you start getting stock tips from your taxi driver and not before. There is still an immense amount of money on the sidelines.

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Ah, so...!

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Ask not...

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At the limit had come.

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What a sad looking little man!

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Aso wears his visor so low that I wonder if it is effective at all? I sure hope Aso doesn’t get coronavirus.

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The aftermath of a crash would be a good time to buy. It looks like a correction could well be in the wings for Wall Street as well.

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I don't get the 'crash' predictions, what's the reason/s?

Governments around the world, including Japan are pumping in trillion$ into the economy, reserve banks are printing money like there's no tomorrow, surely this can only mean a massive boost to liquidity and can only result in anything but a crash.

Sure, Japan's economy is skewed towards tourism, but I don't think tourism makes up that much of the Nikkei. Anyway, even if tourism has an impact on the Nikkei, investors have already pulled out of tourism stocks 12 months ago.

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I don't get the 'crash' predictions, what's the reason/s?

If China, India and the SEA don't fill the ridiculous money printing with physical economy (aka selling their goods for USD), then there will be massive crashes. Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin have been touting the idea of ditching the USD for a long time now. Both China and Russia are ready to sacrifice a few years of hardship if it dragged down the whole global economy. The Covid-19 proved it!

China's trade war with Australia and South Korea's trade war with Japan are minor exercises for what will happen next. They want to test their capability to weather a long shortage of resources and resilience of the West without their manufacturing hubs. I put South Korea here because Moon has been very cozy with China, and his decision to pursue reunification and spat on Japan is really fitting the Chinese interests.

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I‘m watching the result of the Georgia election today... if the democrats win and get a majority, I’ll be taking a wait and see before investing more. If they have any brains, they won’t go hiking taxes in the middle of the pandemic economy, but I want to wait and see to be sure...

If the republicans maintain the senate I will be investing a lump sum now and forgetting about it for a few years.

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@Septim Dynasty - your post appears to be a random rant and doesn't show how or why the nikkei would crash.

What's the relationship between Russia, China and the nikkei?

China/Australia trade war? LOL. That's like Micronesia starting a war with USA. Even if coherent, still doesn't explain anything.

@fxgai - I'll be watching it too, but I'll be charting weighted USD vs gold as well. At the moment gold has barely retraced the high of a few years back, during a pandemic, where I would have expected it to go through the roof, but instead, investors are expecting QE, and bond purchases to save the day. More to the point, the Chinese are still hoovering up US treasury, AND the Japanese reserve is still cornering government bonds.

Crash? Can't see it. Citizens if the world indebted for generations, definitely.

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