China urges Japan to ensure rights of 2 detained in shrine protest


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China advising Japan on ensuring rights of prisoners. Don't make me laugh.

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Ministry spokesman Lu Kang did not say whether Beijing considered the protest justified, but urged Japan to take responsibility for its actions during World War II, when it invaded much of East Asia, including parts of China.

It already has. Why else would China have signed the Sino-Japanese Treaty of Friendship in 1972 and further reaffirmed it in 1978?

And how does that have any legal ramification over two Chinese nationals breaking Japanese laws while in Japan? China is trying to make "heroes" out of these two nationalistic vermin. This shrine is turning into a nationalists festival.

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Yeah, and what about the rights of the million + Uyghurs being in “voluntary re-education”?

21 ( +25 / -4 )

agree with the above.

restrain china.

17 ( +20 / -3 )

Fine, deport, black list.

15 ( +16 / -1 )

HA HA Ha ha ha... oh wait, they're serious.

Japan is already miles ahead of China on prisoner rights just by admitting why the two were arrested in the first place.

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Japan must be careful to not further hurt the feelings of our neighbours.

-28 ( +2 / -30 )

Japan should just further alienate themselves from totalitarian regimes and other neighboring Muslim and human rights abusing nations by showing more tolerance, not torturing or imprisoning foreigners who do silly things like this, and just let them go on a blacklist.

Yes Akie, we need not upset our neighbors by taking the high road. You all can keep your censorship, mind control, and dictatorships. If you value money over freedom...well ok.

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Oh the irony of China even using the words "legal rights"!

23 ( +23 / -0 )

Thats rich. How about China treats Uighur people like human beings.

18 ( +20 / -2 )

AKiev - dude, you crack me up. You get an A+ for effort on this board, always down voted and saying humorous things but you never give up I will give you that.

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China urges Japan to ensure rights of 2 detained in shrine protest

Non Japanese who allegedly break the law are not hostages for Japan to get easy money.

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OssanAmerica: " This shrine is turning into a nationalists festival."

Wow, and you claim to have been here for a long time. The shrine is and Always has been a nationalist's festival -- or "carnival" might be more apt. And as the expression "birds of a Feather", this shrine for nutters here attracts nutters from abroad, being a microcosm for the larger issue here -- that China is in the same boat as Japan when it comes to human rights abuses. Japan is just quieter about it and gives it "cute" names, like they use euphemism for atrocities and what not.

All that said, and while I agree China should back up its words with actions in its own backyard, none of you address the better point: they are correct. Japan should most certainly respect the rights of the people it has detained (rightfully detained, of course). That should not be negated by the fact that China does not practice what they preach when the shoe is on the other foot. But in a search for vengeace, most posters are Simply pointing out the pot Calling the kettle black, not that the pot is nonetheless correct.

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You've got to be joking. China advising Japan on human rights? Talk about hypocrisy.

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Canada urges China to ensure rights of 2 detained in tit-for-tat reprisal over Huawei

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Very funny, hearing the sentence from a Chinese official.

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Apparantly you arent well versed in Yasukuni either. Only a tiny part of it has to do with WWII. Its very very old.

And the cemetarys and National monuments in your nation celebrate the death of those you conquered too! And many “right wing” soldiers go there to pay respects (or be nationalist and offensive according to you).

Can I get an Amen?

10 ( +12 / -2 )

thepersoniamnow: "Apparantly you arent well versed in Yasukuni either. Only a tiny part of it has to do with WWII. Its very very old."

Only a small part of it has to do with WWII so I'm wrong that it's Always been nationalist? I never said it's Always had to do with WWII, did I? Looks more like, as usual, you're reading into a comment what you choose to more than what's actually there.

"And the cemetarys and National monuments in your nation celebrate the death of those you conquered too!"

Like what? Since you assume to know where I'm from. And let's assume you're correct, you would be incorrect to assume I support it in any way, shape, or form. I do not support any atrocity, stand for making it Something we ALWAYS teach in history for what it was and is, and demand that we never forget it. You're too busy taking the "Well, other people have done it, too!" approach once again to even bother to think about it.

"And many “right wing” soldiers go there to pay respects (or be nationalist and offensive according to you)."

Once again, what cemetaries, monuments, and nationalists are you speaking of with such certainty?

"Can I get an amen?"

On your deflection and assumptions, and being incorrect? Sure, if you really want one.

-10 ( +1 / -11 )

Yes, kind of ironic China asking japan to ensure rights of their nationals in custody when they’ve tit for tat arrested a Canadian for what?

Absulutely have no desire to visit that country at all, I wouldn’t feel safe.

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And what exactly would those legal rights be? Are they defined?

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Sea dog: “And what exactly would those legal rights be? Are they defined?”

human rights and abuses? Pretty sure they are. And as you may we’ll know, Japan is not very well renowned as a beacon of light when it comes to the rights of foreigners, never mind foreign detainees (does ignore people in detention centers while they heave heart attacks, we know).

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The PRC communist party should send letters of condolences to the families of the 20 million Chinese they let starve. Let us not forget the thousands of South Korean, and UN soldiers they killed in order to put the Kim family in power to continue the same brutality !

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If a person is jailed in a foreign country they have to take whatever is handed out. That's how it is in practice. Ask anyone who has been in that position. Your Consul will visit and give sympathy but nothing much in practical terms. He can,of course,lodge objections on your behalf with the "relevant authorities". You would be fortunate not to be sharing a cell with a couple of rampant sodomites who could really be a pain in the neck.

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This is rich, considering China just seized (arrested, they say) and hid away from public view two Canadians in retaliation to the arrest of the Huawei exec.

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Did you know that person was protesting Hideki Tojo for Nanking Massacre that happend in 1937?

That was NOT when Hideki Tojoi was in administration!!

That was when it is Fumimaro Konoe administration who is NOT honored at Yasukuni!!

He was protesting Wrong Person at Wrong Place!!

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Sure. Indefinite detention without a lawyer until forced confession and written apology. Just like the Frenchman.

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So this is 2nd time the guy was arrested in 2012 for setting fire on mortuary tablet and rising-sun flag at Yasukuni.

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"We have expressed our concern to the Japanese side. China urges Japan to properly handle this issue and to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the persons involved,"

Oh, you mean like those Japanese people y'all arrested for believing they were spies? Sure, we'll handle they REEEEEEAL properly!

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