Man arrested on suspicion of arson and attempted murder of disabled wife


Police in Osaka have arrested a 71-year-old man on suspicion of arson and attempting to kill his disabled 67-year-old wife.

According to police, Toru Tokuno set fire to his two-story home in Sumiyoshi Ward early Wednesday morning while his wife was in bed, Sankei Shimbun reported. However, Tokuno’s wife woke up and managed to call 119. Unable to walk, she waited for help. Firefighters were able to get to her in time before the blaze reached the second floor.

Police said Tokuno fled the scene by car and was later found in his car in the parking lot of a luxury bathhouse in Mie Prefecture. 

Police said Tokuno has admitted to setting his home ablaze in an attempt to kill his wife.

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Carers need care too.

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She's already disabled and he tried to kill her. Let me guess - he was wen out from caring for her. If that is the case, reach out for help. That is much easier than doing time in the slammer for arson and (attempted) murder.

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Maybe he’s thinking: burn house down, kill wife, collect insurance on the house.

Maybe he should have been thinking: find a relative/professional caretaker. Although the caretaker might cost money he doesn’t have. But a caretaker for even one day a week is better than killing someone. Isn’t it?

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Maybe he wasn't.

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At any rate, good thing the disabled wife escaped death by a hairbreadth. But I'm worried that the couple's future. :‑(

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But I'm worried about the couple's future.

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And I thought people mellowed with age?

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Anyway, the result is the optimum for both now, and btw all on us, on tax payers’ cost. He has not that caring burden anymore and is fully supported in a prison and she has got rid of him and is probably also fully supported now in a facility for disabled seniors. I would even estimate, that it only looks like a murder attempt but was exactly planned as I tried to describe. He had other possibilities to kill her if he had wanted and no one would even have noticed for a longer time. No, that was planned with that outcome and he also didn’t panic like a killer but knew of easily getting caught soon after, that’s why he quickly went to a luxury spa, to have a nice final impression to remember in jail.

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Police said Tokuno has admitted to setting his home ablaze in an attempt to kill his wife.

And I am sure his reasoning is "I grew tired of taking care of her!" The old takkng care of the old.

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