Philippine police arrest suspect in murder of 82-year-old Japanese man


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 the victim was engaged in excavating with locals in search of treasure before he was killed. Legend has it that there is treasure hidden away by the former Japanese army when it occupied the Philippines.

Ah Yamashita’s gold. Poor fool should have known Kishi and Kodama gave US GHQ intel the location of the gold after the war in exchange for being released from prison and for positions of power and influence in the new Japanese government.

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Ferry said the police are still trying to verify the name and background of the victim in the absence of documents such as an ID, a passport or a driver's license that would provide more solid clues to his identity.

"We already spoke with people from the Japanese Embassy. They said the victim's name is not in their database. The name that we have now is only based on what the people working with the victim told us," he said.

OK... but how do they know he was 82 years old? Am I missing something?

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but how do they know he was 82 years old? Am I missing something?

I don't know how these things work in the Philippines, but I guess he may have been registered in some way locally, and that's the age they have. I don't think there is any requirement for Japanese overseas to register with the Japanese embassy (but not sure about that).

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He must have a credit card, bank account

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He must have a credit card, bank account

The article says they are still trying to find his name. Are credit cards and bank accounts in the Philippines anonymous?

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A bank account would show his name/address. A credit card would show his name.

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