30 years later, Serge Gainsbourg still a global influence

By Philippe Grelard and Eric Randolph

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Incredibly this article fails to mention the four albums of Serge Gainsbourg covers released by the great Mick Harvey between 1995 and 2017. All four (Intoxicated Man, Pink Elephants, Delerium Tremens and Intoxicated Women) are available on YouTube and all four are brilliant. Gainsbourg was a great songwriter, magnetic performer and all-round cool guy.


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Alfie Noakes:

Much credit for the Mick Harvey rap. Always loved his version of Harley Davidson (with Anita Lane). On your recommendation, I'll follow up on some of those albums I haven't heard.

It's a shame most of the non-French speaking world only knows Gainsbourg for the turgid Je t'aime... moi non plus. To get an idea of his versatility, listen to (for example) La Javanaise, Marilou sous la Neige, and his reggae undermining of the French National Anthem, Aux armes etcetera...


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Didn't Frankie Howerd and June Whitfield do a cover version of his famous song?

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Great allrounder, that guy... But instead of his voice I prefer all the wonderful voice actresses he produced songs for or staged in duets with. Bardot, Galle, Paradis and a lot more, all the big names of French chanson are connected with him.

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What a great froggy voice he had

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