Leonard Nimoy’s family team up with Boston museum to build 'Live Long and Prosper' monument


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Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” - Spock on ‘Selflessness vs selfishness’.

Fitting legacy for a good man. “Happy Birthday” and “Rest In Peace” Leonard Nimoy

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What a terrific idea!

He lifted our aspirations and hopes 

- Agreed, I loved how Spock could see things differently! Thank you for sharing about Nimoy's values too.

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Tom Scholz of the band Boston is from there and went to MIT.

Give him a statue too!

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Fitting memorial to the First Mate of the Starship Enterprise . . . .

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And to think, this Vulcan gesture originated from a Jewish countersign and now it's used everywhere. Last year I saw three Black Americans downtown waving a BLM flag so I honked and flashed this gesture at them. They smiled and waved back.


A very fitting tribute indeed.

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