Hulu sets Mike Tyson miniseries, but the boxer punches back


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What will be the title of the mini series? I suggest.....

"Mike Tyson...The world's most over-rated heavyweight"

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I bet Tyson really chewed them out.

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He was also a delusional “Tiger King”. His ‘pet’ ripped a woman’s arm off. (He needs cash!) So, he’s tried to ‘re-brand’ himself. In recent interviews, Mike believes he is ‘reformed’. He claims, like an addict/alcoholic, he struggles daily with his own past ‘insensitivity’.

I, Tonya’ (“On NetFlix”) was well done. Told from the varied perspectives of the ‘perpetrators’.

So, we’ll watch this ‘dramatization’ of his life as well. Bridges were burnt. Now, others profit and he’s left ‘out on the cold’. - Sorry, Mike. We can forgive some things, but cant forget everything.

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I believe Tyson’s main objection can be wrapped up in this quote of his:

without compensation, 

On the other hand, perhaps it will be a hatchet job and totally inaccurate.

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Mike Tyson did say something pretty cool once.

’Everybody has a strategy until I punch them in the face.”

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Peter Neil.... Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis seemed to have a strategy to beat him. That was be a real world class heavyweight NOT a protected Don King fighter that had been fed nobodies to pump their record.(Biggs, Tucker, Thomas etc) Or a light heavyweight stepping up a division, or a once great fighter 10 years past their best..(Spinks, Holmes..)

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I bet Tyson really chewed them out.

Only if they gave him an earful!

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Mr Kipling Tyson at his peak would have beaten anyone. Overrated? You for real? Always have this instinctive urge to ask the couch critics, what they have ever done? Iron Mike still an inspiration. Legendary human being, wears his heart on his sleeve and speaks his truth better than most ever will.

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Ricky... I'm a big Tyson fan. His fights were always exciting but being 5'11" he was a one dimensional, one trick pony...So who did he beat at his peak that was a real world class fighter? Peter McNeeley? :) Frank Bruno? Brian Nielsen? A 40 year old Larry Holmes already 3 years into retirement?

He fought 2 "live" world class fighters and they both schooled him.

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Mr Kipling Tyson at his peak would have beaten anyone. 

Not so sure. He ripped through a very poor crop of heavyweights at his peak. He was a destructive puncher, but as mentioned, classier and cleverer fighters kept him at arms length.

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What will be the title of the mini series?

“Iron Mike”

Says it in the second paragraph.

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Mr kipling

You know nothing about boxing. Lewis, a fantastic jabber, only beat iron Mike after don king fired his mitts man, kevin rooney. Even when tyson beat bruno he was not an ounce of the fighter before king got his hands on him. Over rated? Probably the most iconic since ali or sugar ray robinson or jack dempsey. I think you know more about cheap cakes than boxing.

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Samurai* here hear!

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Probably the most iconic since ali or sugar ray robinson or jack dempsey. I think you know more about cheap cakes than boxing.

Muhammad Ali doesn’t get a mention?

You claim other people don’t know about boxing yet regard Tyson as more iconic than Ali?

I’ve watched Ali’s fights at his peak. He was phenomenal in footwork, hand speed, reflexes, ability to absorb punishment etc.

A phenomenon.

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@Jimizo, he did mention Ali...the first one he named.

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so go on then..... list the "greats" he fought and beat at their prime.....

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he would have been great if King didn't fire his trainer..... LOL

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@Jimizo, he did mention Ali...the first one he named.

Oops! Thanks for pointing it out.


Apologies! Eyes aren’t what they were.

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If anyone believes that Tyson actually wrote that on his Twitter feed then I have a rainbow bridge to sell you in odaiba.

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This is typical of Hollywood when they take on a project like this, rarely do they do their research when they do these movies or mini-series about the lives of famous people, for them, it's about ticket and concession sales, historical accuracy means nothing to these people. Just glad Oliver Stone didn't get this project, dodged a bullet on that one...

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