Oscars red carpet: Hollywood stars ditch hoodies, PJs for glamour


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With the absence of blockbuster movies, a lot of lesser-known and foreign names

This is their chance of a lifetime - these circumstances may not happen again for a long time

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all I heard is that they erected this massive wall around the whole place to keep the celebs safe..

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Yeah, Anthony Hopkins always has been a great movie guy. He really deserves the Oscars.

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Not inspired by any of the self-serving, narcissistic, pretentious images depicted here. Unfortunately, these people are ‘products’ of Hollywood PR and will remain ‘of value’ as long as people are willing watch them.

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When the world should focus on the actual repression and forced labor of the Uighur people in NW China, we are asked to be concerned...

- “For the past year, with Hollywood's brightest stars having either been forced to wear ball gowns in their living rooms to accept awards, - or they have worn fancy pajamas.” -

In recent years, Hollywood has manipulated too much focus on their own, temporary “agendas for profit”. When those ‘cross-cultural’ and ‘intersectional’ agenda are no longer viable for profit, then Hollywood will switch back to “real world” political issues.

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