Passing on your password? Video streaming services are past it


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Will You All Please Stop Sharing Passwords!?! The Big Corporations are Losing Money!

“Password sharing is estimated to cost streaming services several billion dollars a year in lost revenue.” -

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NetFlix’s Hastings said in April - “We would never roll something out that feels liketurning the screws”

“It’s got to feel like it makes sense to consumers that they understand.”-
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Why choose Apple to attach to the headline and not to Disney+, Netflix, Amazon logos?

It’s interesting AppleTV+ is the centerpiece with the photo but not mentioned once in the article.

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Im sure they will succeed in eliminating this completely, just like they did with the copying of VHS, cassette tapes and CD's.

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Well something has to give for us consumers too eh!

We are having go fork out for almost all digital content, incl. online newspapers, streaming services like music and movies (and now each studio!!), etc ,etc. Well say I subscribe to 10 services each at 10 dollars a month for each. Sorry that's about my limit.

If they get stricter on this, I expect other means of getting the content to come to the forefront. Even more of a loss for the conglomerates who lose important direct expose if their services. Their loss.

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We would never roll something out that feels like ‘turning the screws

Read my lips. It feels like turning the screws


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"We are family friendly, but screw you and your family"

We share all our passwords with our family in Japan and overseas. When one of us is away for work, or the kids are at university, or staying at their friends place, why shouldn't they be able to enjoy a service we are paying for. These big corporations can stick the prices up if they want, but they should expect another boom in piracy.

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Eventually these services will become inconvenient again and we'll be back to packages. People have already begun pirating stuff again and rotating subscriptions it's just not mainstream enough to care about.

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At least US residents can rest assured that their government will pay their subs if they don’t want to personally. This is infrastructure!

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