Video saved the K-pop stars: Brave Girls reborn via YouTube

By Kang Jin-kyu

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What is 'brave' about these 'girls'?

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For their military prowess? @samuraivunyl 7:22a. The article clearly cites:

- “You are commander of South Korea's 600,000 soldiers."

and members state:

- “Something very miraculous and inexplicable has happened to us."

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What’s up with the Panchira (パンチラ)??? A ‘grainy’ photo, front & center, for the “Entertainment’ section today, when there are 5 others available? Aren’t we supposed to be focused on the group’s talents?

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What is 'brave' about these 'girls'?

the length of their skirts?

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Another manufactured Spice Girls 'band'. I saw and met a K-ROCK band called '57' a few years ago. They are original, distinct, innovative, wild, wicked and crazy! They got the whole club erupting in cheers, let me tell you! 'K' for 'Korean' and for 'Kick Ass'! How about focusing on a real 'K' band instead of this lip-synch sex idol rubbish?

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Destined to be bigger than Elvis.

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See, the problem with their debut is that was the 2nd halyu wave primetime with KARA, Girls' Generation, 2NE1, AFTERSCHOOL, SISTAR, T-ARA, 4MINUTE, etc. dominating the female K-POP scene. I liked Brave Girls and they were produced by Brave Brothers whose works for previously mentioned groups I liked. I'm glad they're getting recognition now.

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The girls deseved their moment to shine. They were performing at army bases where other groups weren't willing to go. Sometimes, these army bases were a 12 hour drive away!

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What is 'brave' about these 'girls'?

This is a female idol team personally produced by "Brave Brothers", a notable songwriter in Korea

They are named after their producer Brave Brothers.

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The Korean wave - kpop and kdrama - was enabled, in great part, by 'unofficial' FMV uploads to YouTube. It paved the way for BTS and zillions of Won revenue from the sale of physical media.

Lock down your music with copyright lawyers and removal orders, and you lose the best global advertising you can get. Far better than any advertising that you actually pay for.

The switch from YT/physical media to paid streaming will redirect the revenue stream to the tech sector and cut off the free advertising.

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