Top recommendations for heat-and-eat curry in Japan


When you think of curry, the Indian subcontinent, where it originated, surely pops into your mind. However, did you know that curry is also one of the most popular foods in Japan? Millions of families in Japan cook curry for dinner, and it is a dish loved by all generations,… Read


Kokoro Care Packages showcase Kanagawa's diverse food and cultural influences


Kanagawa Prefecture, located just south of Tokyo, is Japan’s second most populous prefecture and is known for its beautiful nature and picturesque coastlines. Shonan, along Sagami Bay, is a top beach destination from Tokyo, with a laid-back atmosphere that attracts surfers and ocean lovers. The resort area of Hakone has… Read


Green tea strawberry dessert sandwiches: Today’s reason Japanese convenience stores are awesome


One of the things that makes Japanese convenience stores so awesome is the huge variety of tasty foods they stock. Whether you’re after onigiri rice balls, bento boxed lunches, pre-made pasta dishes, or all sorts of candies and chips, your local conbini (as convenience stores are called in Japanese) is standing by… Read


FamilyMart introduces sauced buns to turn their popular fried chicken into burgers


Every convenience store in Japan has its own brand of fried chicken it prides itself on, such as Lawson's Karaage-kun, fried chicken nuggets that have been certified as space food. For FamilyMart, the flagship fried poultry is Family Chicken or Fami-chiki, which has seen a wide variety of flavors released such… Read


Saza Coffee shops now offer a colorful all-natural Rainbow Mille Crêpes


Have you heard of "Mille Crêpes"? If you know a bit of French, you may recognize the meaning as "thousand crepes," but any Francophone will tell you it's not likely to appear (at least not with that name) on the menus of most restaurants or pastry shops in their home… Read


KFC Japan’s Creamy Croquette Chicken Filet Sandwich wants to comfort you this winter


If you're living in Japan and the double impact of the winter weather and increasingly worrisome effects of the novel coronavirus are leaving you feeling gloomy and cold to the core, then a delicious warm meal may help you through the day. If you read our recent review of the best croquette… Read


McDonald’s Japan updates children’s Happy Meals to be more inspiring and nutritionally sound


While McDonald’s has never been especially associated with healthy eating, the restaurant chain is famous for meals specifically targeted to children, and people are understandably concerned about what their children eat. Even if you, a responsible and mature adult, don’t mind guzzling down a 20-pack of McNuggets for lunch, presumably you’d want… Read


Kewpie’s Smoky Mayonnaise is convenient, tasty way to add smoky flavor to your dishes

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In Japan, smoking foods at home began to gain popularity in the early 2010s. The Japan Smoke Association was founded in 2014. In recent years, compact and convenient home smoking grills and devices have appeared on the market. The self-smoking trend also synergized with the recent popularity of camping and glamping. Now with the… Read


High school students create petition to change the name of FamilyMart’s 'Mom’s Diner' line


As you probably know by now, Japanese society, like many others in the world, is still working on attaining gender equality. In Japanese homes, for example, married women continue to feel like they are shouldering the burden of cooking and cleaning of a household alone, even when both partners work full… Read


7-Eleven Japan to double the shelf life of their onigiri rice balls


Onigiri–those sometimes triangular, sometimes circular rice balls that are ubiquitous at Japanese convenience stores. Inexpensive, perfectly portable, and easy to wolf down in a few moments, they’re the Japanese snack of choice for everyone from working executives to a family out on a picnic. A few days ago, Fumihiko Nagamatsu, a… Read

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