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How long does protection from COVID-19 vaccines last?


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Without even reading the article - I doubt if there is any data as yet!

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Obvious without a time machine there is nothing we can say for sure, but from the experience from the closest relatives to SARS-CoV-2 it is clear that at least very symptomatic people (and likely vaccinated people as well) have long lasting immunity that reacts against the virus even after a decade. The problem is that the easiest way to measure immunity (with antibody levels) is not enough to know the degree of protection against coronaviruses, so there will be people that appear to be unprotected (low or undetectable levels of antibodies) but that actually are still immune to the disease.

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Why would anyone want to be protected from a vaccine?

We will be protected from the vaccines as long as we have basic freedoms.

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Why ask such question when the whole world is utterly confused by the current disturbing vaccination situation everywhere? There is simply no clear cut answer.

Wonder if profiteering/greed has been the main covert agenda in the past months?


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A year seems like a reasonable bet, that puts it about on the level of flu shots.

Likely it will just become another routine shot people get every year, like influenza. If it lasts longer, great. If not, people can manage to get boosters if necessary.

I would say as a bonus that people might come out of the entire pandemic with a better level of hygiene, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Many people I know have marveled at how they have got sick far less this year than usual because of precautions against COVID, several plan to keep up social distancing practices even after the pandemic. As somebody who isn't keen on physical contact, if handshakes and hugging go the way of the dinosaur I would not mind at all.

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Because the vaccines were not able to be put through the normal testing programs, all we know is what the emergency testing programs found out. Obviously, one of the questions that scientists were not able to answer was, how long immunity will last.

It is possible that the current Covid-19 vaccines will produce multi-year immunity, but it is also possible that we will have to get new shots often, perhaps annually.

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It’s obvious that this can’t be answered in a general form, valid for everyone. That will very much differ individually, depending on which vaccine received, in which real vial’s concentration , btw those are data points still not even considered and taken at the vaccination points (not the average contents printed on the producer’s website) and of course all the other personal ‘parameters’, like body height and weight, gender, age, constitution of the own immune system, other acute or chronic diseases and many more, here omitted, as some of them are even a taboo to name.... That will finally result in a very wide span, from near zero to some months or maybe years. In addition, the immune response or capability to withstand will of course decrease in most people, so the time distance between the refreshing vaccinations must become shorter and shorter.

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Its hard to say because almost every year we have a different strand of the flu which this year as been non existent because of COVID. I would think even if people get the shot in the future as testing continues people will require booster shots.

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How is this news... If

Experts don't know yet

And there's no data, barely even conjecture...

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