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Japanese company creates ultra-compact foldable electric fan

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By Oona McGee, SoraNews24

As much as we love using electric fans in summer, when the sweat is pouring off us as the Japanese humidity melts its way through our souls, the appliances tend to become a burden over winter, when they take up precious space in our tiny Japanese homes.

Here to solve this problem is Japanese company Yamazen, who’s finally come up with a clever way to break the fan up into separate parts and have it fold down onto itself so that it becomes a third of its usual size.

The DC Motor 30-centimeter High Living Fan YHX-FGD30 is here to change the way we store fans forever.


In its upright state, the fan looks like any other conventional fan, but this one can be adjusted in height from 92 centimeters at its highest position to 23.5 centimeters at its shortest, when it’s ready to be packed away. The “folding” space-saving feature is the result of a clever design that allows for the shaft, cord, and remote control to be stashed away inside the bottom of the base, with the fan section then slotting into the top of the base, to make it look as if it’s been folded on top of itself.


Disassembly is super easy, and the fact that the front of the fan is covered while it’s being stored means you won’t have to worry about dust accumulating on the blades either. Once winter is over and it’s time to save yourself from the sweats again, the fan is just as easy to assemble, requiring just four steps, or three steps if you want to only add one portion of the shaft for a lower standing height.


The performance of the fan itself is said to be excellent , as the air speed can be set in eight stages and it comes with extra functions that include four-step swing, rhythm operation, and timer, which can all be operated via remote control.

The fan is currently on sale at home electronics stores and home centers nationwide, as well as Yamazen’s online store, Kurashi no e-Shop, where it’s currently priced at 11,880 yen.

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I'm always amazed about these useless "innovations".

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