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'No Sushi, No Life' virtual reality game – How much sushi can you eat?

By Connie Sceaphierde, grape Japan

If you’ve ever sat in a Japanese conveyor belt sushi restaurant, the chances are you’ve felt the impulse to overindulge on that never-ending merry-go-round of tasty raw fish.

Don’t worry, we’ve been there too.

You find yourself thinking ‘I’m not quite full yet, one more plate of maguro nigiri should do the trick’. Yet before you know it, all that rice and fish has made you feel quite bloated, and now you’ve also got yourself a stack of sushi plates that rival mount fuji in size.

Perhaps we’re emphasizing a bit too much, but you know how it feels when the conveyor belt suddenly defeats you.

The all new virtual reality (VR) game, "No Sushi No Life," is pretty much based on that dramatic battle that goes on between consumers and the conveyor belt on a daily basis.

In "No Sushi, No Life," you play as a visitor to the sushi bar in Neo Tokyo City sometime during 20XX AD (an unspecified time in the 21st century). Your role is to eat as much sushi as possible from the endless flowing conveyor belt. Each time you successfully eat a plate of sushi, the conveyor belt will accelerate and more sushi will be added to the challenge. If you miss a plate of sushi, and it falls to the floor, your character will be ‘banned’ from the sushi bar and it will be game over.

How much sushi do you think you can eat from a never-ending conveyor belt?



"No Sushi, No Life" is available to play in VR on gaming platform Steam. The game is only available in VR, and costs 500 yen to play.

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How much sushi can you eat?

How much tuna is there left?

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Lol the conveyor belt looks like Guiter Hero / Rock Band game

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I have a T_Shirt that says

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^ Shouldn't that be "No lice, No rife"

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