Will 2021 be the year of living sustainably for Europe?

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Driving less. Opting for trains instead of planes. Cutting down on red meat and consuming more locally grown food. Buying less but spending more on sustainable products. If these preferences from multiple surveys with tens of thousands of people across Europe are anything to go by, 2021 might be the… Read


Republican Party faces rage from both pro- and anti-Trump voters


After riots at the U.S. Capitol by President Donald Trump’s supporters, the Republican Party is facing defections from two camps of voters it can’t afford to lose: those saying Trump and his allies went too far in contesting the election of Democrat Joe Biden - and those saying they didn’t… Read


Tech giants banished Trump. Now things get complicated


As the world adjusts to a Twitter without @realdonaldtrump, the next big question is: “Now what?" Major tech platforms, long accused of giving President Donald Trump special treatment not allotted to regular users, have shown him the door in the wake of his incitement of violence by supporters at the… Read


Trump giving up on the job he fought to retain


President Donald Trump’s days in office are numbered. But he’s already stopped doing much of his job. In the last three weeks, a bomb went off in a major city and the president said nothing about it. The coronavirus surged to horrifying new levels of illness and death in the… Read


Trump legacy on race shadowed by divisive rhetoric, actions


President Donald Trump repeatedly claimed in the final months of his presidency — and without a trace of irony — to have done more for Black Americans than anyone with the “possible exception” of Abraham Lincoln. He boasted that the African American unemployment rate dropped to record lows under his… Read


Will we still commute after the pandemic?


In the advanced economies, the coronavirus pandemic is likely to accelerate long-term structural changes in the location of work and accommodation and the transport systems that link them. But the rate of change will be tempered by enormous inertia in real estate and transit systems to accommodate a widespread shift… Read


A farewell to @realDonaldTrump, gone after 57,000 tweets


@realDonaldTrump, the Twitter feed that grew from the random musings of a reality TV star into the cudgel of an American president, died Friday. It was not quite 12 years old. The provocative handle was given birth by a New York real estate tycoon who used it to help him… Read


Narrow Democratic majorities in Congress could limit ambitious Biden agenda


President-elect Joe Biden will get the Democratic Congress he sought after his party's stunning success in Georgia, but his expansive legislative agenda on issues such as healthcare and climate change cannot be assured a smooth ride. Wins by Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff for the state's two U.S. Senate… Read


Trump's rage ignites mob assault on democracy


The riotous mob that laid siege to the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday was the product of the destructive forces that President Donald Trump has been stirring for years, culminating in the disruption of a democratic ritual that would formally end his unconstitutional bid to stay in power. The scene that… Read


U.S. Capitol riot product of years of hateful rhetoric


The storming of the U.S. Capitol is a jarring but natural product of years of violence and hateful rhetoric stoked by disinformation and conspiracy theories, experts on far-right extremism said as they pored over images of Wednesday's riot. Members of far-right groups, including the violent Proud Boys, joined the crowds… Read

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