Write ill of the dead? Obits rarely cross that taboo

By Janice Hume

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If it is something like that, what really good shows that she surely is a great and honorable university professor, I am finally thankful for not having to ever become one. I would probably have to beat myself dead long before caring about such completely useless topics and their publication.

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Don't really know much about the British monarchy, but I read some of Prince Philip's remarks and they were somewhat funny without being malicious. He is a product of a time when there was no political correctness so it is a bit unfair that folks remember him only for these unintentional (or maybe intentional but without meaning harm) gaffes.

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Well, the majority of the press I read seems to sum up the prince's charms in a one word malogy: Scumbag. And I think the general feeling of television viewers in the UK is a VERY accurate measure of the 'deep grief' the British public authentically feels for the man, very little by all reports much preferring their usual telly haunts to mourning that guy. Trying to whip up a limp public for a lame notable can only go so far and I suspect that his passing and the public reaction to it may be as embarrassing for the monarchy as it is 'tragic'. Sic transit gloria munde? Probably not. For me, personally? I never met the guy, couldn't say...

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