Huge Titanic replica to open as Chinese tourist destination

By Noel Celis and Qian Ye

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The fate for this idea and theme park has already written itself.

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Mao Tse Tung would be rolling in his grave if he could see all this. What is it with all these gaudy replicas in China (and Japan too)?

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I dont know if this is going to be a success or not, sure the other places that have the replica of the USS Enterprise, an American aircraft carrier, but these will only intrest a hand full of people, but the Titanic is famous world wide, and that will more than make it a viable tourist attraction. The Titanic has a mystery about it that other attraction dont, I hope its faithfully reproduced and is 100% accurate in all of its details and they dont stray away from the original design. IE gamberling machines or roulette wheels or fancy lighting, just 100% original. will it be easy to get to? it quite away inland so it might put people off, would i go and see it? yes i would.

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Was in China 5 years ago. Outside Beijing is a replica Bavarian village. Complete with German women dancing traditional dances. Talked to the tuba palyer when they were on break, they were part of a "culture exchange". They were paid by the German Gov't and were on some sort of diplomatic visa in China.

The buildings were a facade of some sort of paper mache. Closed up the next year. Replaced with a faux Disney themed park complete with a fake Mickey Mouse named Nickey Mouse. It was obviuosly a Chuck E. Cheese costume they got some how.

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The words "Quality" and "China" do not belong within the same sentence.

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Many tourists learn to shun that country due to rampant and often violent Han-supremacy.

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They have a London Bridge, Eiffel Tower, the White House, the Sphinx, etc. Maybe it’s for those who can’t afford to travel to see the real thing.

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To make the over night sleeping experiance more real, they could flood the room with freezing cold water, and tilt the room to a 20 degree angle.

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This is so embarrassing! They literately are colonizing themselves. Titanic has nothing to do with China. How about rebuilding those great ships from 14th century China??

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How about a replica of the Xinjiang Vocational Education and Training Centers?

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