Miyazaki: Mountains and mangos in southeastern Kyushu


A consistently warm climate makes Miyazaki Prefecture a perfect year-round getaway. The prefecture also has its prefectural take on Japanese food, as well as locally grown mango.

Drive down the Nichinan coastline for great sun, sea and surfing plus a few ancient shrines for good measure, or travel inland to the misty mountains of Takachiho to hear legends of the birth of Japan. Rent a car if you can, and don’t forget your appetite.


Known as the Sunshine Capital of Japan, the prefectural capital of Miyazaki City is packed with (slightly retro) resort facilities facing out onto some of the best surfing conditions in the country. 

Along the coast between Miyazaki and Nichinan are endless scenic vistas. Stop at palm-covered Aoshima island to visit Aoshima Jinja, a picturesque shrine that attracts couples looking for marriage blessings.

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The parts of Japan we still love.

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Definitely a beautiful place.

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Nice place.

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Love this prefecture. Warm beautiful coastline anywhere else in the world would be a hot spot that most people would want to live and buy property. In Japan, it's sparsely populated. So odd.

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