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For readers whose children are doing classes online or had to do them online because of the pandemic, what was the impression you got from your kids about online classes?


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that the online still like 90 like the pc and internet hate me ( how to lose your mind in 1 hours) use pc and study

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Not good. Some kids are playing video games. Some don’t bother showing up. Kids are not engaged. Parents disrupt class sometimes by questioning teachers.

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I was not present but according to my wife the thing were done quite nicely even if chaotic because of the age of the kids. It even convinced her to enrole him in an online arts class that we were considering for some time. It is obviously not the same and the regular classes are no longer online, but they are useful.

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Our children tried their best and now have confidence in front of the camera and communicating with others “around the world”. English is not our first language.

By the way, You get an should get a “A” for effort @hejij 8:39am! Maybe You would also benefit from some online classes. Best of luck to You. Keep trying!

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They just sat at the desk top computer and played games on our other computer (a laptop) a few inches away.

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