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If you are working remotely, how have you arranged your home so that your workspace is divided from your private space? Or has that been impossible to do?


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I just set up my work laptop on the kitchen table and only on the kitchen table, and do all of my work at that place. And if I'm doing other things aside from work, I don't sit at that place. Needless to say though, I no longer enjoy sitting at that spot. It reminds me that place is my work place. I don't know what psychological trick is that called but, it works for me.

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Having not needing to work for many many years, I have no response but look forward to hear from those working at home and how they giggle the space. This should be interesting. Too bad we cannot see photos.

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I have two cardboard boxes connected by an opening and covered in a blue tarp. One box is for cooking and sleeping and the other box is for telework. Suganomics at its finest.

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I have a separate studio room, which functions both as an office and as a workshop.

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