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Do you feel that you have become complacent about anti-coronavirus measures in one way or another?


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Yes, I have to admit I have become complacent. I look at the daily count of virus infections on the news each night or on RikiWeb as if they were sports results or today's temperatures. Last year, it was more urgent and we didn't know if it would be of plague-like proportions. Then we started to hear that most people who get infected usually have mild symptoms which go away after they spend two weeks at home or in quarantine. That's what I thought last night when Osaka reported 666 cases. I thought: Can't we assume that 665 of them have mild symptoms that require no hospitalization?

Like many people, I am weary of restrictions, not being able to travel overseas, wearing a mask (which I still do), but I just feel some days as if I am on auto-pilot, going through the same routine, and not particularly worried by the numbers.

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No, in contrary, after more than one year of the pandemic, with only ‘measures’ bare of any logic, spreading false hopes, fake optimism, talking of post-pandemic eras, phantasies of reachable herd immunity, overdoing in trusting not really working vaccines and a lot more of all such, I really can’t wait for any useful FIRST measure being implemented after all those months of passivity, as all ‘measures’ up to now are not working, won’t solve any problems and only lead to steadily more increases or ‘waves’ of infections and deaths.

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Not at all.

If anything, I'm more determined not to fall foul of the partly preventable pandemic.

Of course, I loathe the travel restrictions, wearing the mask and "normality" being halted.

We're clearly in it for the long haul. So let's stay safe and work together by helping to end this.

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Not at all. Looking forward to next September to possibly get a vaccine.

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Admittedly I don't wash my hand like I am going to perform surgery before, after, and between meals or touching surfaces.

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In the U.S., people do not believe authorities because COVID response turned purely political.

It started with wash hands and social distance, but no mask needed. Then it changed to if you cannot social distance, wear a mask. Then it changed to wear a mask inside. Then it changed to wear a mask outside. Then it changed to wear two masks.

Then the CDC condemned the use of cheap, proven therapeutics like hydroxychloroquine in order to promote Big Pharma. Then they counted deaths having nothing to do with COVID as "COVID deaths". Only 6% of U.S. COVID deaths are "from" COVID. Hospitals get rich off of COVID.

Then some States completely shut down indoor activities for small businesses (big businesses OK), for no scientific reason. Then some States said no outdoor sports for kids, for no scientific reason. Then some States said kids cannot go to school to satisfy government workers ("protect teachers" they say)- many are still not in school. They do "virtual" learning instead, where many kids do not bother showing up or are playing video games all day. By the way, Black kids get hurt the most- who's racist?

When comparing the public response in Japan vs. the U.S., you can see the difference in cultures, but also the difference in government integrity.

The Japanese comply, with no questions asked. This is fine where the government is doing the right thing.

Americans will speak their minds, because America was founded upon the First Amendment, which encourages speech to ensure all ideas are thoroughly discussed. This is especially important when government is corrupt.

Perhaps now some can understand why many Americans are highly skeptical of the government's anti-coronavirus measures.

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Not gonna lie. I went skiing and snowboarding almost every single day from early December till late March. It was the most amazing season ever. No lines, chest deep powder snow and weeks of non stop snowing. Crazy good season (in between all this stuff).

I tried wearing a mask when in close contact with others and keeping as much social distance as possible. But in many situations I didn't coz I felt too complacent or it was pointless.

At some point I started to let the guard down a little and right there, I was in the middle of a cluster of infections. Fortunately I never showed any symptoms and tested negative in both tests. The people I was in contact with that were positive, had a fever and/or coughing for less than five days.

After that my guard went up again but it was impossible to practice the 3C at times. Plus, ABSOLUTELY no one else cared so... that's why we're still in this thing.

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Unfortunately yes. I remember wearing a gas mask and wearing plastic gloves whenever I got out and would sanitize everything I brought outside. But nowadays, the most paranoid thing I do is I just wipe alcohol on the shopping cart handle I am about to use and wear a face mask with the nose uncovered if there's nobody nearby. It is inevitable though, we've been at this for more than year and people will grow lax and law enforcement will also grow lax.

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No, I have not changed at all. I'm as careless as I was a year ago. Masks only when verbally required by private businesses I really have to be at, zero social distance and heaps of gatherings and domestic travel with friends and family. I have always washed my hands a lot, regardless of corona.

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I still wear a mask, but ditched the face shield.

However, I did recently buy a second car so as to commute by car to work rather than take the train so I wouldn't say so.

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Absolutely not. I've been at this for over a year now, and sadly it looks like will need to get even more strict about the measures. Mask is always on if I open the front door. I carry a hand disinfectant with me everywhere, and use it frequently when and if I need to go to e.g. a supermarket, in addition to the hand sprays at the store entrances. I wipe all my groceries and other things I buy, as soon as I come back home. Washing hands carefully, and often. Keeping my 2m distance to other people, and strongly signalling this to others as well (e.g. being vocal about it to my spouse when we're e.g. in a supermarket - so that others around us hear it too and hopefully realize their 20cm is not the same as 2m and thus, nowhere near anything that could be called a "distance"). I haven't seen my family for over 2 years now, I haven't seen my parents-in law for 1,5 years. For the last 1,5 years the radius I've moved has been around 10km, and nearly always on bike. I've been to a restaurant once, compared to the 2-3 a week before the pandemic.

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I was taking this pandemic seriously for the first few weeks, when we didn't know much about it and we were told of the very high death rate. But since learning many months ago of the very low death rate for healthy people, and how to increase my physical abilities to handle an infection, I have become just as complacent as any previous flu season.

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We still take care of day-to-day.

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Maybe, I don't know. I don't really think about it. Whatever.

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