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How do you dress and groom yourself for online meetings during the pandemic? Are pajamas, no makeup, scruffy beards common sights?


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Shower, shave, brush teeth, and wear a suit. You represent your company.

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Underwear is a must, but otherwise anything goes.

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@kyushubillToday 08:33 am JST

Shower, shave, brush teeth, and wear a suit. You represent your company.


If there is an online meeting, do as in the company. You represent your company and have some dignity as well. It's not that hard thing to do, you'd do that in normal times as well, while going to your office.

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Camera off. Anything goes.

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Agreed with @kyushubill 8:33a and @RobertCikki 10:30 am - Working remotely from home, much attention to what you wear, and your general appearance: make-up, shave, comb your hair, etc when you have online meetings. Have seen colleagues looking a bit disheveled online.

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No makeup, not for and not even without any online meetings....rofl

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I wear a collared shirt or just put on my blazer under my house shirt to make me look more official but I just wear my normal house clothes for the most part. Of course, basic hygiene and grooming still prevails even at this time. I've seen more people wearing face masks, especially girls, during tele-meetings and I think it's to save them from putting on make up, which is understandable.

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Tie and a shirt above, below pajamas.

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According to Marie Kondo, in addition to appearance, “It’s especially critical when working from home to maintaining a clear division between work and home life.” Personal items in the background can also be distracting during remote work. It’s important to put away ‘toys and/or pets in another room’ before you go ‘live’. A forgotten personal item in the background may tell more about your character than you want other professionals to know. However, it’s acceptable if, it’s “something that “sparks Joy” in you.

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Camera off. Anything goes.

Exactly. I've been working from home for about 20 years. Along with colleagues and clients around the world in similar situations, we soon learned to mutter things such as "bandwith issue, video malfunction, ambient light problem, precrestination overflow" and switch off the video.

And generally, I'd say audio-only meetings (with some screen sharing) are much better. I tend to focus more on what's being said and shown.

Online family get togethers are a different matter.

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bass4funk: Tie and a shirt above, below pajamas.

Similar to how one student told me how she dressed for her job interview - black jacket and white blouse, pajamas under the screen. Not sure she got the job though.

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@albaleao: right on brother!

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