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Social media sites have become a phenomenal means of communication for hate groups, conspiracy theorists and deranged individuals. Do you agree with this statement?


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Yes. It's the same with pre-social media-era chat forums and physical clubs before that. Conspiracy theories, deranged individuals and hate groups have long existed before the internet but social media makes them more accessible to the public, especially with more people spending a good part of their waking life on cyberspace. But I will say this though and this is just my opinion, there are more people nowadays that are more aware and have polarized views on things which makes things a lot more volatile.

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Get rid of all social media.

It will be the downfall of our society as we know it

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Absolutely agree. Social media is a disease worse than COVID. Bet on it.

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Whispering campaigns, pamphlets and reactionary press articles of yesteryear, have nothing on social media sites.

The potential for good, for change, that the social media had is sadly eclipsed by the gathering of hate groups and outlandish cult theories nowadays.

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Ihave not used any social networks for more than ten years and rarely read any of them.

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Of course they do.

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Yes the deranged left have gone completely over board on it

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Yes the right wing liars are let loose. Spewing, gaslighting etc... Like most things Was Best in early days when they were not around

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Yes. We must immediately put all such networks under the control of the government. They will protect us and tell us what we need to know, and what is true.

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I have railed against big tech.

How the few executives have enormous influence over broadcast/social media, whilst hiding behind the legal status of a private company.

What is the less of the two evils.

Government regulation or the status quo?

Another aspect Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple invest billions in next generation, AI, Quantum computing, cryptography architecture, essential for Libra/blockchain payment system.

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Yes, I fully agree and am pride to be part of it. Anyway, there’s nothing to fear for you. Your censorship and maximum cutting of freedom of speech still works perfectly. On the other side, that not listening to other’s voices will make your systems dying, be it from corona, economic downturns or general education and knowledge deficits. You wanted it and now you fully get it. Enjoy your harvest. lol

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Yes. Population growth has increased the numbers of low IQ people in the world who have phones and can access the internet.

16% of any population are one standard deviation below median IQ and are considered to be mentally challenged.

For example, the US population (median IQ 98) is 328 million, so over 52 million people in the US are 83 IQ or less. They are eligible for Social Security disability due to their mental deficiency. People at this IQ are unable to reason, determine fact from fiction, understand simple theoretical ideas or process information correctly, and are no eligible to join the military because there is no job they can be taught to perform competently, yet they can access social media and are considered a targeted, prime demographic since they can be relieved of their money easily.

Japan has 105 IQ average, so 16% of 126 million is 20 million people with an IQ of 89 or less.

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@Peter Neil

I'm not sure if IQ is the correct measurement here. I'm thinking of some people I know.

One is great at chess and can play the piano like you can't believe. I'd guess his IQ is high. Yet he believes there are aliens living within a local mountain and that Michael Jackson is still alive. (He does have a certified mental illness.)

Another has a low measured IQ. But she is a great painter, cook and seamstress. She has a bad word to say for nobody and has a sense of humor that matches my own.

Is there not a difference between lower intelligence (whatever that means) and holding or being led to crazy beliefs?

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Good points. Your examples aren't violent yahoos, though, are they? It's the low IQ that turn into mobs who are a problem and the sheer numbers of them will continue to grow with the population.

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European leaders said governments should regulate

media platforms, not the companies themselves


Now only a question of time before the EU Council take unilateral action.

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One of the founders of Facebook lamented the damage social media has wrought on the fabric of our society. Think about that.

Other than that, I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. The formation all of these bubbles and echo chambers is astounding.

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Yes. It is an easy platform for weirdos to empower each other. The mentally vulnerable get stuck in this bubble of empowerment and start to think it's the norm.

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