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When do you think a decision will be made on whether or not to cancel the Tokyo Olympics?


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End of February they will be cancelled by IOC after showing enough “ due diligence “ to their insurers

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They will be cancelled when other countries start pulling out because their athletes (especially in team sports) either a) haven’t had the opportunity to practice, b) can’t get into Japan, c) want to concentrate on Paris 2024, d) are suffering (or their countries) too much from a virus that only comes out after 8:00 pm.

One thing that can be assured, Japan will never cancel them unilaterally.

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Readers, please note that the IOC makes the decision, not Japan or Tokyo.

The decision will come before the virus is done.

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I think the decision has already been made. There is still just too much left in the trough to be guzzled down by Mori and his Dentsu goons for now. Once the grift starts running dry, they'll announce it to the serfs like you and me, along with a new "recovery tax" to start paying for this boondoggle over the next 60 years.

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Next week. Tuesday.

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When the powers that be decide to get their heads out of their butts and face reality

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The virus strains make the final decision, no one else.

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The IOC will hold off to the last possible moment, got to keep feeding from the trough. I think the decision will be taken out of their hands when countries announce they are not coming due to the virus.

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On the day of.

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Let's say that if by March, the CV-19 cases are still on the decline in most countries and most of the Japanese population have been vaccinated and no cases of the virus have been recorded for at least a month, the Olympics can probably be planned to begin. But the period isn't the issue here, it's how quick can a mass event and a lax of anti pandemic measures trigger a super spreader event and place the country into mayhem in a short notice. And well, the Olympics is exactly that, so...

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Japan will negotiate maximum level of allowed daily infections that IOC needs for the games to proceed, and then suppress testing to match that level in terms of reported cases. It see no chance of Olympics being delayed or canceled, because Dentsu have so much to profit, and Japanese government will do everything in its power to ensure Dentsu get their cash.

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Since the torch relay is scheduled to begin on March 25, a final decision will have to be made before then. My guess is there will be an announcement in the first week of March, probably an Olympics with no overseas fans. But I don't know how the various national Olympic committees will feel about it.

The Australian Open tennis in Melbourne will be an interesting example of whether a tournament can work, Around 1,100 players and their support staff are in a bubble for three weeks, getting regularly tested. Fan capacity will be limited and no international spectators.

Maybe the Tokyo Olympics will be like that.

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I'm sad to say I agree with blahblah222.

smarticus, I think you are making the same mistake the the J Government seems to be making trying to forge ahead with Sumo tournaments, the Olympics, etc..

The situation in Australia is being strictly monitored and controlled. Thus they are able to hold events in a controlled and safe environment.

The situation in Japan is obfuscated and spiraling out of control. The Hiroshima testing blitz will hopefully reveal a clearer picture.

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I hope they cancel it tomorrow.

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I'm sure that it will be made and finalized in February (an IOC meeting is already scheduled for it). And of course it depends on the virus situations at home in the host Japan as well as overseas.

Personally I don't care about the Tokyo Games anymore, wouldn't get so disappointed in case of the full cancellation. But those who keep blaming Japan over the issue, please don't forget: The problem got started in China.

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I think it will be held with local spectators and with a handful of countries only ..I can’t see every country attending

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How about we push back all future Olympics by 4 years ? This means 2024 will be Tokyo, 2028 Paris.

This would be a win-win for everyone.

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Athletes only Olympics should proceed.

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I think the decision has already been made to go ahead with it.

The only question left therefore, is when do we think will they reverse that decision?

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Um sorry, but the IOC has no jurisdiction over the Japanese government. If the Japanese government wants to cancel the Olympics they can do so anytime they wish.

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Think of the athletes. They have literally worked their whole lives for this. The games MUST be held! Mori-san sees this clearly.

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Think of the athletes. They have literally worked their whole lives for this.

Plenty of other people have worked their whole lives (not just their youth) to build businesses, which are being shredded by economic lockdowns. Is there a reason why athletes should get preferential treatment over everyone else?

I highly doubt the Olympics will be canceled, but not for the sake of the athletes. There’s simply too much money in it.

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I heard that the IOC makes their money from the TV broadcasting - so, no fans Olympics is probably okay for the IOC.

Do you think that it will be allowed to test 800,000 people in Hiroshima? I want to see the realists from that!

Encouraging news from Israel. After ¼ of the population vaccinated, two weeks later the new cases are down 50%. If Japan can get enough vaccines in arms quick enough, perhaps it’s possible? If they slow roll the vaccines? Maybe not.

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