M6.6 quake hits off Miyagi Pref; no tsunami threat


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These numbers are rounded off, the average time for a shallow quake from Japan is 13.6 minutes. In this case the P and S wave they are 10 8 minute apart. The P and S wave travel in a circular path though the core due to the increase in density with depth. The surface wave arrived 27.5 minutes after the P wave.

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@gokoro, are you sure it was 11 minutes? ive been trying to work out what the speed the shock wave was traveling at.

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It felt stronger than that considering the distance and the magnitude, hopefully no big aftershock to follow.

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This earthquake was detected by the garden seismometer in England 11 minutes later, arriving via the North Pole and Siberia. Normally a shallow quake take 13 minutes but at a depth of 60 km, the rocks being denser it is faster. It’s a small world we live in.

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Was outside at my son's baseball and everyone's phone started giving the early warning. Had never heard that many phones at one time.

Game was paused for 5 minutes to make sure there was no tsumami warning.

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Pukey2Today  01:37 pm JST

It wasn't too big here, but my god, did it last long.

"here" being where?

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It wasn't too big here, but my god, did it last long.

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How many more quakes is it going to take before one of the shutdown power plants goes into meltdown? How fast is the government moving to remove the fuel from the damaged reactors?

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Felt it in Nagoya..

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