Minister, expert suggest coronavirus emergency extension


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Should have could have a year ago. But the first expert Pannel were disbanded as they weren't complying with the government narrative. Sadly as much as the government try the virus also isn't complying with the government narrative either. How rude.

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Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda.... after the fact knee jerk reactions! Typical of politicians and bureaucrats here!

It's no wonder the people are apathetic to the "warnings"!

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No hospital in Japan should have the right to turn away patients with the virus.

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ABE got out just in time, Suga is going to cop the lot when covid hits the roof

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Its a great idea but no one in Tokyo cares anymore.

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Phew...for a second there we thought they might indeed turn pro-active, but ...naaah.


We are thinking of various measures by considering the worst-case scenario 

Basically doing a whole lot of NOTHING.

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"We are thinking of various measures by considering the worst-case scenario and a situation in which (the number of infections) does not turn to a decline," said Nishimura.

You are doing that now?....what has the govt.  been " thinking of "  for the last 12 months ?

He reiterated, however, that there was no immediate plan to expand the state of emergency nationwide.

Phew...for a second there we thought they might indeed turn pro-active, but ...naaah.

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It won’t abate because the virus doesn’t recognize lip-service in lieu of action. But given they aren’t actually doing anything with the new SOE — not one thing has changed — it’s be pretty easy to declare it over. Extending doing nothing — a specialty here — would be likewise pretty easy.

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They just have to face reality.

Without financial support to allow everyone to enter lock down for 2 months nothing will change and the situation will only get worse.

There will be no improvement without action. Half measures and denial achieve nothing.

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I'm not against the idea of a lockdown, but I have to keep going to work because I need to pay for my family's rent and food etc.. My company also needs clients to keep coming because they need to pay rent and wages and not go bankrupt etc..

A (kinda) lockdown without any financial support isn't going to work for those companies and workers who can't work from home.

The government has announced three emergency budgets so far... butonly the first one seemed to provide any actual financial support for anyone (other than restaurants) , and I'm rather unclear on where all the money for the other two is supposed to be going.

Basically, no financial support for people since about June 2020.

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Seems punitive to me, they are mad people don't care anymore...

Want to make a real impact, fast track the vaccine that is already approved by the world's two major drug approval agencies. Japanese bodies aren't "that different" that we need to hold this off for 3 months after Europe and the US are already getting it.

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Why Japan like many other countries did not make an effort to build hospitals only for covid patients or from the start use more existing hospitals and clinics dedicated to that.

I am not an expert but China could do it. It was certainly very basic and not for severe case but...

beds should not be an issue. For sure, staff is

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Requesting business closures is an option," Omi added during a House of Councillors committee meeting.

That's not going to be enough. We need to close the schools too and get teachers and students doing online classes- same as what they are doing in the developed world.

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Extending doing nothing — a specialty here — would be likewise pretty easy.

Couldn't have put it better myself.

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I totally agree on the vaccine. However, in the Japanese public the debate centers on the fact that mortality is very high in the US from coronavirus so the side effects of a vaccine are tolerable. However, in Japan, as the debate I read says, mortality is still low, thus it needs to be considered whether the side effects of the vaccine justify rather few number of persons who will be saved from the vaccine.

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And what are these more strict rules of which they speak? If it involves “urging” people then Japan is doomed.

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There have been ~311,000 "cases" of coronavirus infections (cumulative) in Japan, of which ~75,000 are active, and 233,665 have recovered.

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Many hospitals in the country are struggling to accommodate the increasing number of patients due to a shortage of beds and staff, raising concerns that the medical system could collapse if infections continue to surge.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga held a meeting with senior officials of medical associations in Japan, at which he asked for their support in securing more beds for patients with the virus.

I guess the prime minister does not understand that a shortage of beds means that it is impossible to secure more beds for patients with the virus.


No hospital in Japan should have the right to turn away patients with the virus.

They are not turning away patients with the virus. It is non-COVID patients who are being turned away.

In a press conference Wednesday, Nakagawa said the medical system has been increasingly overwhelmed, with some hospitals forced to turn away non-COVID patients.

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