Go To Travel campaign to remain suspended after March 7


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This is plain lip service, give it a week or two and in conjunction with the PR surrounding and increase in the number of vaccines being imported, the impression will be....."It's Go To PARTY time!"

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But one of the officials said, "It is still necessary to analyze the infection situation in each region. The Go To campaign cannot be restarted immediately on March 8."

Japan Inc. realized it was looking needy and coming on a bit too hard, so it is going to back up and pretend like they are cooling it down for a moment.

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Seems practical and reasonable, for once. “...experts believe GoTo Travel caused the novel coronavirus to spread nationwide;...govt is sched to end SOE on Mar 7,...analyze the infections in each region. The GoTo campaign cannot be restarted immed on Mar 8."

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GoTo seems to have distorted public incentives as well as tourism markets. People would travel anyway without discounts if they really want to. As international trips are currently impossible, potential demands are naturally directed to domestic alternatives without the program support.

Meanwhile GoTo-Eat subsidy is still riskier unless it is carefully re-implemented.

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Getting ALL taxpayers to subsidize travel for the just a select few, wealthy or retired to ‘GoTo’ the most popular destinations at deep discounts is not beneficial to the whole.  The rest of the population has had to StayHome and ‘s-t-r-e-t-c-h out’ their one-time, across-the-board ¥100,000 ($930) cash handout to cover only a very small portion on their continued losses of income.  

They cant just help the travel industry. So now, what’s the ‘long-term strategy’ for ALL of Japan to recover?

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This is plain lip service, give it a week or two and in conjunction with the PR surrounding and increase in the number of vaccines being imported, the impression will be....."It's Go To PARTY time!"

absolutely. the LDP is crazy just to be thinking about starting it up again. But this is a economic decision, not a medical one based on science.

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Your previous comments 2/26 were well-phrased. @noriahojanen 7:31a. - With respect: “My concern is possible hazards GoTo may cause to the economy in the long run. If target industries continue to depend on special subsidy, self-recovery would be harder to attain (and) *distorts market pricing. GoTo is aimed primarily for major travel agencies and affiliates. Independent retailers, hotels and tourist businesses benefit little.*  - From Feb. 26 “Go To Travel campaign may partially resume after state of emergency lifted” -  Best wishes.

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I hope this non sense does not restart without a good portion of the population vaccinated.

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We used go to travel for three out of our eight trips in the last twelve months or so. Touring around Shikoku on special trains at the end of March. Would be nice to see GoToTravel come back. It was very very safe and businesses were very great full, especially small mom and pop restaurants.

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Don’t worry about the tax burden on the future generations. How about another extra ¥10000 each for the pensioners to really enjoy their trip? Cash for All indigent persons who are scraping to get by for over a year is needed more than subsidies for the Big corporations. @norihinen says it best above.

Better yet, how about spending that cash at the ‘mom & pops’ in your home prefecture?  

@AlyRustom is right. Economic vs science and common sense

You might be safe; the location may be safe; but experts have shown the rails are great way to spread viruses across the country.

The Olympics were delayed/to be cancelled/limited participation for the benefit of All (er,.. well, for the continued profit of some). It’s Not unreasonable to ask to delay travel a little longer.

Cherry blossoms return Every year.

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We do spend a lot of money at mom and pops in our own prefecture as well as when traveling.

And trains not crowded at all on our trips.

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Maybe they can correct the English to Go Travel? No one says Go To Travel unless they failed

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@sf2k: Failed at what? Your sentence was not finished?

Insay, GoToTravel was fabulous. “GoToTravel” is the name of a program to get people out spending. It created a brand name, sort of like a store name such as Aeon.

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Whether there's campaign or not, I'm traveling. I'm tired of this nonsense scamdemic. I've already booked a trip to Okinawa with friends and family for the spring.

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My salary has plummeted in the past year and I barely make enough to pay my rent and bills. I couldn't afford to travel even with the Go To Travel subsidies. I'm more than a little resentful that the tax on what precious little money I make is going toward helping better-off people pay for vacations they shouldn't be going on anyway.

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Great news. Gonna start booking.

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