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Colorful canola


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That's early. Replanted from greenhouses?

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No social distancing and, as far as I can make out, not many masks either.

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Beautiful and inspiring scene.

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Technically, they're probably rapeseed flowers - not canola. (The latter were bred from the former especially for their oil; the former are the typical "nanohana.")

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Very tranquil landscape.

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Excellent. No masks. No social distancing. But, it is okay, they are posing for a photograph. Incredible.

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The CANadian OiL Association reckoned farmers and consumers would be squeamish about oilseed rape, and so we have canola. In northern Europe we have no such qualms, rapeseed oil is a big seller, and we enjoy huge yellow vistas in the spring. I occasionally poured the stuff into my car's fuel tank.

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Yep, others got there before me, Canola is a product name, the plant is Rapeseed. Use Rapeseed oil a lot, has a higher burn temperature than olive oil, but would only use the cold pressed variety not the cheapo chemically stripped stuff.

Lots of bright yellow fields around here later in the year. Nice picture but not impressed with the lack of social distancing.

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