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Praying for prosperity


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If they really want prosperity, they have to actually DO something. Sitting with bowed head listening to someone chanting scriptures isn't going to bring the customers in.

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When human's effort to change an event to their favor fails, naturally people would go to pray to the almighty (be it god or deity) for a functionable and amicable solution. Unfortunately, chances are such prayers would not be answered most of the time..

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I don't think this works....

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I find it immoral to pray for money or good business. Pray for good health and others if you are religious but work yourself for money and business success

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Having said that, I wish for the prosperity of every company.

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Everybody wishes for a better life. Prayer is an ancient form of Positive Thinking. Japan has long ago developed a formality (place and ritual) for its practice.

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Prayer doesn't help

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They are praying in the wrong place!! You do such a things inside the government building!

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If businessmen have the mindset to socially distance an pray for prosperity, why isn't it that people can't do the same and worship in churches and pray for this pandemic to come to an end?

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Prayer doesn't help

Positive Thinking does. And Prayer is a form of Positive Thinking.

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I can understand their reasons for praying. They know that success in the business world depends on hard work, plus things to go well in areas beyond their control. In other words 'luck' is also required, or divine intervention. Maybe they've got families to feed or many employees to support along with their families as well. Others might be in debt due to Covid or other reasons.

While some might be doing so for selfish reasons, like fame, luxury life style etc. I wouldn't imagine all of them have bad motives for their prayers.

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