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This is an Olympic sport? What's next? Square dancing?

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This is an Olympic sport? What's next? Square dancing?

I doubt it. Couples have to wear clothes for that. I’d say pole dancing is next.

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What's next? Square dancing?

Breakdancing is.


Break Dancing Will Be An Olympic Sport In 2024

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Its not just throwing and catching a ball while looking cute. They also have to twirl a ribbon, juggle some clubs and spin a hoola hoop while smiling in full make up.

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Better than synchronised swimming if you ask me. In SW they do a small dance before jumping in the pool to splash around for a long time!!!

Physically, very impressive. Artistically, pointless.

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The Olympic motto is "Citius Altius Fortius" Faster, higher, stronger.

Sports not measured in this way should not be in the games, so bye bye diving, gymnastics, golf, tennis Break dancing, skateboarding and a host of others.

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Its not a sport is it?

Its ballet with toys.

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Another olympic moto is mens sana in corpore sano , healthy mind in a healthy body.

good luck with that one

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I was expecting something for more entertaining, when I read "ball routine".

Oh well.

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