Japan's additional Aegis ships could encourage further arms buildup

By Reito Kaneko and Munehisa Tokunaga

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Wouldn't worry about it, probably will never be built, cost overruns tax payers will fund this of course. Build them out of cardboard still cost the same. Old men hord cash and the world continues to turn. One cup noodles are all we need.

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The only country doing a prominent arms buildup is China

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China and Russia don't need any excuses for bullying their neighbors or building up their weapons system. They're just villains and that's what villains do...

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Having a gun in your home does not increase crime. Japan needs to be prepared for criminal nations like China and North Korea.

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And Japan will arm its adversaries through it's new push to desperately sell arms and establish itself as a world-warmonger once again.

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Giving money for corporate America is just great.

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Japan's additional Aegis ships could encourage further arms buildup

If your talking about it encouraging Japan to build up more arms then that is great.

If your talking about China, it is already building up at a frenetic pace and a couple of additional ships in Japans fleet will have no influence on China's build programs. Russia also looks more to the US rather than Japan when determining its military size. Japan threatens nobody in the region so it is hard to imagine just where or how the title of this article gets its merits.

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Better to give money to your US protector than let the Sino/Russian thugs taking over the seas surrounding Japan. China is following the same game plan fortifying South China Sea used by pre-WW2 Japan. No go military/off limits. Nihon occupied from the Gilbert to the Caroline & Northern Mariana Islands. Did that work?

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Better to spend the money on self-defence than to be unable to practice self-defense because the money wasn't spent.

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I don't get the emotional hand wringing over defending oneself. Bambi looks cute but won't last long if the wolf is hungry. Better to be a porcupine than a cuddly little doe. The Chinese don't respect peaceful countries. They take their land. Ask the Philippines how well being basically undefended has worked out for them. China treats them like a door mat.

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What kind of logic is this? ? ?

All of this moves by Japan is in response to other countries already escalating, making things worse, being aggressive.

All the neighbors surrounding Japan have Nuclear Weapons. Have threaten Japan with Nuclear annihilation.

They have fired Ballistic Missiles over Japan.

They are flying Bombers, fighter planes in Japan Sky and territory.

They are sending Ships and submarines in Japan water and territory.

Is this Article written on facts or just bias?

You'll have Japanese citizens die and the haters will still say Japan should be naked, do nothing, have no defenses otherwise it's a bad warmongering country! Get out of here with that nonsense!

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Do you think the chinese , North Koreans and the Russians aren’t going to build WHATEVER they want, WHENEVER they want?

If you think it’s necessary, it probably IS.

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