Cabinet OKs bill to ratify RCEP trade deal including China


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We need to join the Belt and Road, but Aso is probably sleeping in his chair.

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Wouldn’t be surprised if the first deal is to import chinese vaccines.

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Terrible move.

Just when the world should be actively moving away from Communist China, "free trade" deals are being signed with them. All it means is other nations being flooded with more shoddy Chinese goods and produce, China becoming stronger, and less jobs.

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This is ridiculous!

Why the Cabinet only gives China special considerations while on the other hand completely barring Taiwan is mind boggling!

This means Tokyojing and Beijington are indeed silent partners ganging against democratic and peaceful Taipei.

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China and abiding to ‘common rules on investment, intellectual property and e-commerce’? Are you kidding? That paperwork is not even good for use as toilet tapestry. lol

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