Senior bureaucrats ousted amid scandal over dinners with Suga's son


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Lol! So they got to just “oust” unnamed people and continue on without getting ripped for corruption?

This is hilariously common here, so I’ll just keep going along my day.

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So finally they sort of retired? Moved sideways as they are not named who knows? Senior Bueacatics would suggest 70 year old men who have no retirement plan or any idea how to live out their days with out tax payer money. That's a sad place to be.

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The prime minister's son became acquainted with some of the officials when he served as secretary to his father, who was internal affairs and communications minister between 2006 and 2007, according to the weekly magazine.

Suga has said he was not aware of the dinner sessions between his son and the officials.

Suga is too busy shilling for the Olympics both here and abroad to monitor the day to day corruption that goes on in his administration.

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in the last months Japan indicted Abe's secretary, Agriculture's minister's secretary. And now 2 members of a Suga Jr. 's dinner.

Is difficult for me to trust japanese justice.

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Akimoto is a liar just like Sagawa from Abe's Moritomo scandal. Nothing will come of this "transfer," it's just a way to show that the ministry "takes this seriously." Need to oust LDP.

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Now the precedent has been firmly set that government officials can get away with lying in Parliament.

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they got to just “oust” unnamed people 

They are named.

These dinners are common practice.

For my job, I had a friendly dinner with workers from a government agency we got subsidies from. They were making sure to separate the bill.

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What a lot of naive people on here. Shall we tell them what goes on in the real world of politics

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Bow, lay low, come back.

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How many more???

Are we living in a third world country where "baksheesh" reigns?

Seems like it!

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Slap on the wrist, as was to be expected. Can't very well punish them and thereby send a message to those in the ministries that they're accountable, can they?

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