Suga denies ethics scandal pushed him to skip press conference


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He lied to protect ex-PM Abe, piped money to Dentsu, GoToTravel fiasco, Fukushima spilling waste, ...and a big etc.

after all of that regrettable mistakes, he'll be taken down just for having dinner with a female co-worker.

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Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga denied Friday that an ethics scandal involving a senior press official had anything to do with his decision not to hold a news conference

BS...pure and simple.

Then again that's Suga,s usual mode of operandi.

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He isn't fooling anyone...

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When will they arrest him?

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The last PM being mauled by the press like this was Naoto Khan, but that was opposition party at the disaster occurrence.

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Mr Suga. It is time for you to Stand Down.

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