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Abe did not make any big mistakes, but his handling of the coronavirus looked inferior to Koike's and some other local leaders. Koike has high communication skills, but Abe does not.


Yu Uchiyama, University of Tokyo professor of political science, comparing the differences in the way Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe handled the coronavirus issue.

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How can you have a PM with poor communication skills?

Communication is 99% of his job description.

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BertieWoosterToday  07:24 am JST

How can you have a PM with poor communication skills?

Communication is 99% of his job description.

I think that as far as Abe is concerned, having the right political pedigree and channeling cash to his cronies is his real job description. As for communication skills, he seems to get by with mumbling from prepared scripts or throwing childish tantrums whenever any serf has the temerity to say anything he doesn't like.

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Abe has no idea what the people of Japan have to endure.His myriad scandals and out-of-touch comments show him to be sorely lacking.

The lack of support for those without jobs and failure to adequately provide money to support the poor, show without a doubt that Abe is truly incompetent!

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Abe did not make any big mistakes

Yeah right...... One could argue he didn't make any mistakes because he took no discernible action.

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100 percent. She is almost competent enough not to have to script herself and backpeddle forward. See a run at the PM in the near future.

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"Abe did not make any big mistakes"

Is that really so? The lack of support for Abe's government seems to suggest otherwise, does it not?

What did Abe do during the pandemic?

When the designated hospitals for treating COVID-19 in Tokyo were getting overwhelmed, did Abe do anything? Koike wanted to call a state of emergency, but she was blocked by Abe's government.

It's Abe's lack of leadership that killed his support. Remember during the beginning of this pandemic when the trains were overflowing and nobody was doing anything.

What was Abe doing?

Sleeping in parliament as usual.

Then he shows up on the internet twiddling his thumbs in front of the camera. Great job!

If it wasn't for Koike, we'd probably still be packed on those trains and the spread would have been far greater.

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Yeah... sorry, but Abe made a LOT of mistakes, most notably by denying the problem to begin with, and also with his stupid masks, many of which had to be recalled.

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He has given up on public appearances, the hecklers really upset him. He certainly is very unpopular it's just the single party system in Japan that allows him to fleece the population while increasing his own I'll gotten gains.

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