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As an increasing number of people use motorcycles to avoid the three Cs -- closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings -- amid the coronavirus pandemic, the initiative is also aimed at creating an inviting environment for motorcyclists.


A ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) source, commenting on a transport ministry proposal to cut the expressway toll for motorcycles to half that for regular cars on weekends and holidays, from spring to autumn.

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Private cars are also good when carrying family members. How about an incentive for them as well to ease the crowding on trains and buses, which has nearly returned to its crushing level of the pre-Covid era.

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Ever seen an LDP member on a bicycle? They are usually conveyed everywhere by limousine!

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Perhaps they ought to be encouraging the use of bicycles rather than adding to the road pollution.

l can understand the desire to be in your own safe little metal bubble of a car during the pandemic rather than a crowded train, but given how many people normally use them I doubt the infrastructure can support everyone moving over to road transport. Long term, efficient mass transport is the only viable solution in large crowded cities.

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Motorcycles.... sounds like a perfectly safe alternative.

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Motorbikes are the best form of city travel. Had one for 40 years. Some of the Japanese bigger scooters are very cool.

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