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Governor Koike should begin thinking of a ‘Plan B’ involving cancelation of the Tokyo Olympics.


A Tokyo Metropolitan Government official. A total ban on fans could cost the Olympic organizing committee around 90 billion yen in ticket revenues, which would have to be covered by the central and Tokyo governments.

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At this point? there are surely many plans including the cancellation of the games, the problem is that plan A calls for this to be denied at every opportunity.

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Or, having no plan at all includes not having plans A and B. lol

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She ought to be thinking of plan B for when she loses her next election...

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Unfortunately it seems that Plan A specifically states 'There will be no other plans'.

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The games are not going to be cancelled by anything related to covid-19. A massive natural disaster maybe but the decision on the games has been made and will be carried out regardless of public sentiment, budget or common sense.

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Sorry, but there is no such thing as a "Plan B" in Japan, and the wait-and-pray approach is taken when what would otherwise be a "Plan A" is obviously not going to work. Then a complete denial any of it existed to begin with.

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What is needed is a bit of a super shocking earth scare during the fake opening ceremony.

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Its Plan D for Dumb

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What a joke, anyone thinking there is a "Plan B" is smoking something pretty strong, and should be arrested for breaking the "Anti-stimulants Law"!

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Why haven't they prioritized the vaccines the last 5 months then ? Why ?

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