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Increasing numbers of people eating and drinking out during daylight hours is a major reason for the slowdown in declining coronavirus infection numbers in and around the Japanese capital, despite the ongoing state of emergency.


Shigeru Omi, head of the government's coronavirus countermeasures subcommittee

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Agree, I've seen nomikai parties (without masks) outside stations and people drinking openly on trains. However, who can blame them when these people are asked by the companies to travel on packed trains and offices and the government did not explain why drinking is helping raise the coronovirius rates.

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Just wait a couple of weeks when the SOE is lifted and you’ll see new case numbers soar back into the thousands per day. This is a communal virus that is spread through socializing. Lockdowns are tough, but they are effective. The countries with strict lockdown policies have beaten the virus. Those countries who have not taken strict lockdown measures are still seeing high numbers of infections. Countries like Japan are afraid to take strict measures due to the economic ramifications. However, procrastinating and taking dolly steps to prevent the spread is costing a lot more. Tokyo will never be rid of this virus until they take drastic measures and lock the place down for a fortnight.

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I think it is a bit much to ask people not to eat out during the daytime. I remember the president of Saizeriya a few months ago called the request nonsense. Millions of people still have to go to the workplace. What are they supposed to do? Sit at their desk or in the cafeteria while having lunch and not say a word. And I suspect people teleworking also like to take a break and get out during the day to go to a coffee shop. And on weekends and holidays, people are naturally going to venture out.

Such a request by Omi would kill the food and beverage industry, already crippled by limited night trading hours.

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Wish Japan’s Starbucks, even the drive-thru, would open 5 or 6am ‘like the rest of the ‘modern world’, even before the pandemic. We miss enjoying the uncrowded, relaxing time before the daily commute.

Unfortunately, the regimented Japanese business model perpetuates a system of 8a-5pm for employees. Plus, most consumer businesses are only 10a-5pm (‘banking hours’ only’). It’s somewhat understandable due the ‘costs of over-priced energy’ here.

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It's all or none for people here... once the lip-service SOE is lifted people immediately head to the izakayas and get so drunk they vomit in the streets. Saw it both times they were lifted in Osaka, IN THE AFTERNOON. This time there was just as much of an air of celebration as last time, and people want to rush back to the lifestyles and actions that led to the third wave. So, the fourth is soon to follow... the fifth... the sixth... especially as they welcome in mutations by Japanese returnees.

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