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New cases appear to be ebbing now but that is because fewer people got themselves tested for the virus during the Golden Week holidays.


Health minister Norihisa Tamura. Health officials are warning against false assurances from the lower infection numbers reported during Golden Week, saying signs actually point to a more dire COVID-19 situation in the coming weeks.

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Fewer people got themselves tested?

He has obviously never tried as a citizen to actually get tested, you have to be on deaths door to get a test.

‘And fill out paperwork while feeling like death. It’s again people’s fault has nothing to do with the government’s multilayered process?

Do companies allow workers to take a half day, to get tested?

‘It’s not people’s fault. Idiot.

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If you look at Osaka's numbers for "Trend of positive result numbers per occurrence date" it shows the coronavirus already dissipating


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Health minster of which country ? When and where are the numbers ebbing ?

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He has obviously never tried as a citizen to actually get tested, you have to be on deaths door to get a test.

This may be true and I had a diagnostic test unrelated to coronavirus scheduled last week. I had my temperature tested upon entry to the hospital and it was normal, and tested again in the specific ward and they said it was high so they canceled my diagnostic test, asked me if I wanted a coronavirus test asap in the hospital. I declined and went home immediately and checked my temperature and it was normal. This is a hospital in Tokyo and I think they are extremely worried about developing a cluster.

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Well, this didn't age well. The very day it's published Tokyo reaches another high, and even beats Osaka!

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