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There are increasing calls for toughening the penalty from online slander victims and others.


A Justice Ministry spokesperson. The ministry is considering reviewing the statutory penalty for insult after the suicide of professional wrestler and reality show cast member Hana Kimura, who suffered online slander.

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Let’s all hope something is actually put into effect. If not, these are just more empty words from an unnamed ‘spokesperson’ and just words on a page that are not attributable to any one person.

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How about at the very least, publish the person's comment, name and address. Then let the fun begin.

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If it’s verbal it’s slander, written down it’s libel.

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The problem lies in the anonymity allowed on line, require the disclosure of identity in any case of defamation would remedy much of the problem

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The trouble they will face is defining "insult." To some, winking is an insult. To others, not being invited to a party is insulting. Chatting non-stop on a long train ride and be insulting to those around you. See where I am going with this?

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