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We need to deliver a strong message to the public to alter practices that have become so pervasive as to be perceived as custom.


Shinichi Nakayashiki, chief of policy affairs of the LDP assembly group, referring to the significance of an ordinance in Saitama Prefecture that goes into force on Oct 1, whereby escalator users will be required to stand still and not walk up or down.

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At first glance, thought this quote was about ‘enforcement of measures regarding COVID. - Still rehashing the pointless , ‘escalator debates’.

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Regardless of policy enforcement, people’s perceptions of escalators will always be up and down.

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Politicians' need for meetings at exclusive hostess bars and expensive restaurants is also a pervasive custom that could be altered, and needs a strong message from the public!

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It's a shame they don't consider the Covid messaging to be as important as the messaging for correct use of escalators.

This quote, in these times, nicely sums up the Japanese politician.

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Please start with running red lights and stop signs.

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This is why these guys get paid the big bucks! Saving the world, one step at a time ?

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Yeah escalators are the importance NOT the vaccine. OK, gotcha.

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Japan: where the politicians have their priorities straight, and the important work always gets done.

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I never bother to vote but gave a thumbs up to everyone above.

We will continue to walk escalators especially when nobody else is on them.

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Where would the population of Japan be without the LDP identifying the clear and present dangers, like walking on escalators, and sending out a strong message?

Surely in a pandemic and depression strong messages , or god forbid action, are not as crucial elsewhere.

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No problem, as all affected user groups won’t use escalators at all. Less jobs and higher taxes and no more money, so you don’t use them in department stores or while commuting to work and the last third is just dying from COVID-19 in the ICUs and therefore also not having anymore chances to use them.

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