Japan to bar entry of foreign athletes during state of emergency


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Japan to bar the Olympics games as well!

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One month isnt going to mean squat with the way people are getting sick now. Hell even city mayors (Nagano) cant stay away from having a New Year party with over 200 guests!

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The suspension will last until Feb. 7, the scheduled end of the coronavirus state of emergency

... after which the virus will have capitulated to the Japanese measures worldwide, and all athletes, their coaches, and their entourage will be allowed to enter to start preparing for the Olympics.

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Japan to bar entry of foreign athletes

Japanese athletes will be allowed to re-enter the country but must self-quarantine for 14 days

Why? Because of double standards? What about foreign players/staff/coaches on Japanese teams? Uh-oh......triple standards?

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Weren't they already banned? Wasn't there an article a couple of days ago that all foreigners were banned from entering? Didn't that already apply to athletes?

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Why? Because of double standards?

No, because Japan does not deny entry to its own citizens...

...just like every other country on earth.

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Wasn't there an article a couple of days ago that all foreigners were banned from entering? Didn't that already apply to athletes?

Precisely...think this headline was created to instill some kind of " athletes and Olympics related staff  are not allowed in either, they are not getting special treatment, J-got is so fair to everyone" mood, given the current public opposition to the Olympics being held .

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So, we've got a State of Emergency where they ONLY laws being put into place are against foreigners coming in, absolutely nothing else being done besides, people complacent and going out to eat with family and friends, going shopping, to the theater, for coffee, traditional events, and more, and with Japanese business people and athletes allowed to return home to Japan and voluntarily quarantine, and most relevant to the topic, a Governor and former Prime Minister hell-bent on holding the Olympics at ANY cost of human life or otherwise. Guaranteed Tokyo pushes to life the SOE on Feb 7th despite the rate of infection still going up and saying it is safe to bring in foreign athletes and hold the Games. You have to love the xenophobia and desire at the same time to be loved internationally so much so that you'll throw your own nation down the toilet to do it.

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Bring on the sports day! Wieners, rice bento, and gold, gold for Japan. That cost a lot.

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Your comments are always spot on and I thank you for them.

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Nothing to see here. Japan will have a steep decline in Covid-19 infections right before the Olympics. Nothing to worry about.

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Given that Japan is not yet vaccinating its people, and that there are no plans to do so before the Olympics are scheduled to start, it seems obvious that the Olympics will not take place this summer.

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1glenn: I don't think you know how right you are. According to ACTUAL professionals, medical and otherwise, Japan is so behind and so slow with their vaccination process that should there be any successful herd immunity (assuming no mutations pop up with immunity, and the vaccine and immunological response are successful and unchanged) until April 2022 at the EARLIEST. So far predictions only for India seem to be behind Japan, with possible herd immunity in Feb 2023.

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Japan is in NO FIT STATE, to host the Olympics. Please realize that.

This is fact. So act now, cancel the Super Spreader Disaster.

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Japan through its consistently discriminatory, institutionalised double standard measures, has shown and still is showing no appreciation nor respect for other nations' citizens. This defies the objective of the games. The Olympics should not go to nations like Japan, who have very little respect for 'foreigners'. God shall put that right when Summer comes

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