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Ex-table tennis star Fukuhara's husband files for divorce


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I would do the same if Mrs. Affist was running around with some other married man.

And the last time we saw her on TV, after the birth of baby #2, Ms. Fukuhara seemed to have finally grown up and seemed mature, chubby and happy.

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I feel bad for her as she is in the news so much with this private matter. It seems rather unusual that a Japanese mother loses custody of their young children.

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Magazine articles detailing their marital issues began to appear earlier this year, with paparazzi spotting Fukuhara in the company of another man who is reportedly Japanese and married.

What's to say? She's has a talent for playing with (table tennis) balls.

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It seems rather unusual that a Japanese mother loses custody of their young children.

Not if this happens in a fairer country like Taiwan. I'm willing to bet, because of that, she won't be barred from seeing her children (if she cares about them instead of leaving them and her own wheelchair bound mother for a married man abroad).

I hate to think the situation her husband would be if this all played out in Japan. He probably would never get to see his children again.

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Judging from the down-votes, there appears to be many people who agree with not allowing one parent to see their children after divorce.

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